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Verizon Wireless XV6700
Technical Information


  • An XScale Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA Phone on the market in 2006
  • Similar to the Sprint PPC-6700
  • OEM Name is Apache HTC




I purchased the Verizon Wireless XV6700 Verizon Wireless XV6700 (known as the PPC-6700 to Sprint customers, also the HTC Apache as the OEM name). It's a PocketPC PDA phone that has broadband Internet access via Verizon's network, WiFi and Bluetooth. It came with Windows Mobile 5.0 that includes Pocket Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It also has Internet Explorer 4.1 with some JavaScript support but I've found there are some sites it has trouble with.  It also has a VGA (640x480) camera built in.

The plan from Verizon Wireless is about $40 US per month and that gives me unlimited connect time.  There are two parts of their network - the National Access plan which is typically around 50 kpbs with bursts to 144 kbps (same as you can get with most 3G phones & a USB cable), and the Broadband Access that's available in limited areas. I happen to live in one of those areas, so I regularly get 300-500 kpbs with (theoretically) bursts to 2 Mbps.  At home, I'm on the fringes so I use an external patch antenna on the outside of my house with an adapter cable (Radiall/Larsen R284L3403005) that brings it from the FME male on the antenna cable to the tiny RF connector (MC) on the phone. 

I have made it work as a modem via the USB port (there's some files you have to unhide in the Windows directory to do this) and it should also work as a Bluetooth modem. Since the unlimited data service is US $40/month vs. $80 for the AirCard  I also use, I think I will probably drop the AirCard when its contract is up. Mostly I use the XV6700 standalone but it can be connected to the PC for broadband Internet access via Verizon's network. It uses the same RF connector for the external antenna as the AirCard. It also charges the battery when connected to the PC's USB port.

One other gadget that proved useful was the 2.5mm-to-3.5mm headphone adapter PPCPADPT16 from PocketPCTechs.  This allows you to listen to stereo sound using standard headphones.

This PDA has a single mini-SD slot.  I purchased a 1GB mini-SD card from:


Technical Information